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“Children are the future of the world, let’s start with the children.”

Who We Are?

1997 was a year of general election in Kenya. Mrs Eunice W. Kamotho, the wife of the late politician J.J. Kamotho decided to join in the campaign trip with her husband for Mathioya constituency, for the first time in her life. Little did Eunice know that God was calling her for a new mission.

During her first meeting at Kamacharia location, she was introduced to a homestead where a mother of seven had died. The body waited to be moved to the mortuary  three days after her death. There was no plans to bury her because the husband, a chan’gaa (local illicit illegal liquor brew)addict, could not afford a coffin.

Mrs Eunice with some women leaders who had accompanied her convened an impromptu Harambee (fundraising) and enough money was collected to buy timber for coffin and two two beds for  the children who slept on the floor. However they had no  house and Eunice had to plead with a neighbor who happened to be a brother to the widowed drunkard to allow the children in his granary ( a store house fro threshed grains)

As though that was not enough and the campaign continued, Eunice and her group came across another homestead where a man had died a few months earlier. His wife later died during delivery. At the same time of visit, the orphaned baby was a month  old and had been left in the care of  an elderly grandmother.  It was a pity to seed drunkard  old lady holding a naked month old baby on her side while staggering from side to side.

Pitiable cases were numerous and by the end of the campaign period, Eunice had realized that God sent her to meet such incidences.

By the end of 1997 Mrs. Eunice had several children to rescue but unfortunately the process long. After a long struggle she managed to place 4 children with S.O.S and one with Koimbi Home in 1998.

It was child who had been denied placement for the fact that she was over six years that the VISION of Upendo Children Rehabilitation Center came to Mrs Kamotho. She then went through the legal application process and in September 1999 Upendo Children Rehabilitation Center  was registered as an NGO.

After several meetingswith county council of Muranga, Upendo Children Rehabilitation Center was allocated 12 acres of land (10 Acres where the center is constructed and 2 acres a few kilometers away)

On 1st October 2002, Upendo Children Rehabilitation Center  opened doors to the first 7 girls aged 1-4 years old. Presently the center accommodated 37 girls 8-18 years old. Along list of desperately vulnerable children waits for the center to have the capacity to accommodate them at the earliest opportunity.

Upendo has also been an outreach program since its inception, and has seen several students through university and colleges.

It’s through your kind participation that we shall continue helping these children and God bless you.

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